The AGCAP Committee

The AGCAP Committee comprises industry, community and education representatives from across the region. The goal is to provide a practical and effective on-ground strategy to address the unsustainable loss of quality young people from rural and regional Australia.

Based on a distributed campus model, the AGCAP program brings students together from across the region, building the next generation network  of industry specialists, para-professionals, researchers and managers.

The AGCAP Committee oversees activities and is responsible for maintaining the rigour and integrity of the program and;

  1. promoting the program to students, parents, teacher and principals
  2. encouraging additional schools to join the network
  3. liaising with industry and prospective employers
  4. organising enrichment tours and special events
  5. facilitating articulation arrangements between educators
  6. organising professional development for teachers and trainers
  7. assessing suitability of students for Certificate III traineeships
  8. monitoring local employment trends, gaps and opportunities
  9. developing new pathways for rural and regional students.

Individual committee members also support related education and employment initiatives targeting disadvantaged groups. This includes Aboriginal and disengaged students and identifying educational and engagement opportunities for young unemployed people by adapting elements of the program to their needs.