Benefits for Employers

For employers, taking on a school based apprentice or trainee means preparing the future workforce for your business, organisation and/or industry. Providing young people with work opportunities and on-the-job training is essential in developing the region’s skills base of tomorrow.

Your trainee will undertake a combination of industry-specialised training, school and one day per week in paid employment, learning the specifics of your enterprise. For employers, training costs are minimised, financial incentives ease take-up and you can expect a tailor-made worker trained and ready to contribute after the HSC.

The AGCAP program goes beyond normal school delivery. It involve enrichment tours, industry visits and presentations by research and development bodies. It also instils essential employability skills such as work ethic, reliability and commitment.

AGCAP students come to understand the whole supply chain within a regional context and the industry’s contribution to the local economy and Australia’s GDP.

Employers are eligible for further financial incentives if employment and training continues beyond the school years. Local Training Services NSW contacts can provide additional information about incentives.

If you are thinking about employing an AGCAP student or want to know more about the AGCAP program, call Russell Stewart on;

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The following video shows the opportunities and benefits of employing local young people.