Developed through a unique collaboration between the Make it Work Foundation (Narrabri Chamber of Commerce), the Department of Education and State Training Services, the AGCAP program provides a career pathway and post school study opportunities for students who are studying a vocational qualification in a formal school based traineeship arrangement.

The first group of 16 AGCAP students from the New England area graduated with Certificate II qualifications in 2013. To date, the key focus has been on agriculture related qualifications.

In 2016 the program was extended and now includes a School Based Apprenticeship and Traineeship (SBAT) – Certificate III Agriculture as well as qualifications in the horticulture and meat industries.


  1. Position AGCAP as an aspirational pathway attracting young people to rewarding careers and jobs in agriculture and related industries.
  2. Produce and retain credible, talented young people to live, learn and work in regional and rural NSW.
  3. Promote advanced practice, technologies and emerging skills in agriculture and related services.
  4. Build a collegiate AGCAP alumni embracing career progression, professional development and lifelong learning.

Guiding Principles and Enablers

  1. AGCAP is delivered and supported through regional coalitions including education and industry.
  2. AGCAP generates a critical mass that enables students from different schools across a region to participate through the distributed campus model.
  3. Student’s skills and knowledge is developed through school based learning, workplace experience and partnerships with specialist providers.
  4. Learning and assessment is enhanced through scheduled industry visits to research organisations, agricultural enterprises, service providers and industry peaks.
  5. The regional pathway is credible, endorsed and proactively supported by all stakeholders.
  6. Industry supports AGCAP through expert advice, resources and employers of school based trainees SBAT.
  7. AGCAP’s success is underpinned by a transparent, fair and equitable funding regime and timely administrative processes.
  8. AGCAP students participate in programs outside their school delivered by specialist agricultural training provider.
  9. The AGCAP Committee is to review and endorse any expansion of the program.
  10. Parties recognise that AgriBusiness Careers and Professions AGCAP is a registered business name held by the Narrabri and District Chamber of Commerce.




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