The AGCAP advantage

40683738_mCommencing in Year 10, the The Agribusiness Careers and Professions (AGCAP) program gives rural and regional students a pathway to agricultural college and onto university.  The pathway incorporates school, college and university, allowing students to gain industry endorsed qualification while spending a minimum amount of time away from their home town.


AGCAP also helps rural communities by building links with local industry and employers to create jobs and stem the loss of quality young people from regional Australia.

2015 saw the beginning of a trial where students could undertake a Certificate 3 Traineeship as part of the AGCAP program. This trial continues into 2016 and is anticipated to become another feature of the AGCAP program from 2017 onwards.

Year 10 students are eligible to participate in the AGCAP program by enrolling in the Primary Industries Framework or becoming a School Based Trainee (SBAT) in an agricultural related vocation.

SBAT registration is administered at the school level and is completed by the end of Term 3. This is followed by an AGCAP selection process including interview with industry representatives.

In just a few short years, AGCAP has become the partnership model of school, industry and higher education. Developed through a unique collaboration between the Make it Work Foundation (Narrabri Chamber of Commerce), the Department of Education and State Training Services.

The AGCAP governance committee manages the program and is responsible for maintaining its rigor and supporting the development of new pathways for students.

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