Tocal hosts new program

DCIM100MEDIADJI_0010.JPG This week Tocal College is hosting 21 secondary school students from throughout Northern NSW as a residential component of a Certificate II and III school based traineeship in agriculture.

The students will be trained in a number of skills areas to complement what they learn at school and on farms.

“We are delighted to be part of this new program and we look forward to it continuing for many years”. Mr Darren Bayley, Acting Principal said.

“There is a major skills shortage in agriculture at all levels – from those who work on farms through to those who service farms and undertake research. This program lays the foundation for students to commence a traineeship in practical farm activities and eventually, if they wish move through to a university qualification”. Mr Bayley said.

This is a first for NSW and it will provide great opportunities for students from regional areas to gain both the benefits of an association with a specialist institution such as Tocal College as well as the great resources they have in their own districts and schools.

To read the rest of the news release visit:

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